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Inconel Bolt Supplier in the UK

Why choose us, to provide your inconel bolts?

We are inconel bolt manufacturers, with an enviable portfolio of clients. Our goal is to be the best and known to be the best. We work with most steels, aluminium and various grades of alloy, but inconel is a speciality of ours.

It was an easy decision to locate our business in this region because of the favourable infrastructure the area offers. One consequence of that choice has been that we have been able to service our customers requests promptly and reliably.

Without quality standards we would have no business and quality, as measured by our customer, is of paramount importance to us. Our quality standards are the envy of the industry.

We serve all the major industrial sectors in the U.K.

Pricing of work can be critical. We price ourselves at the realistic but quality conscious end of the market.

Customers often ask us how fast we can turn around their work and I generally tell them that we strive to deliver a satisfactory and timely solution to our customers.

Our customers are king and we pride ourselves on keeping in touch with the customer over the duration of the project, the more challenging, the project the more contact we maintain with the customer.

We have always recognised that our staff are part of our formula for success. We have always believed in developing the skills of the staff that we have.

Successful engineering is about using resources efficiently.The consequence is less landfill.

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A batch of inconel bolts

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An inconel bolt ready for shipping